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Zero Discharge Technology

Since 1991 Walla Walla Environmental has provided zero discharge consulting to the corrugated packaging industry.

The comprehensive on-site waste treatment evaluation includes:

  • Process water analysis
  • Treatment system diagnostics
  • Innovative solutions to water issues
  • Crew training

Our Extensive Services Include:
Performing plant-wide review chemical usage that may impact the waste treatment stream
Establishing a baseline for bacteria, yeast, and mold
Conducting crew training
Acting as liaison with the plant's starch manufacturer
Interpreting process water test results
Interpreting flexo wash-up and corrugated run-off test results
Making recommendations for the most effective method for successful reuse of process water back into the starch adhesive
Developing a path forward with plant management
Providing schematics for plumbing changes


How do I determine if my facility is producing too much process water?

In order to be successful at obtaining a quality zero discharge process, you must do the numbers. You must produce less flexo wash up, corrugator run off, and boiler blow down water (if intended for reuse) than you can consume in your starch batch.

To determine this number, calculate how much process water the box plant currently generates on a daily or weekly basis. Then calculate how much process water can be consumed by the box plant in the secondary portion of the starch adhesive batch daily or weekly. Once you have these two numbers, simply subtract the amount of process water generated from the amount of process water that can be consumed. If the box plant is generating more than it can consume, then water-saving techniques need to be implemented.