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Tree Banding Insecticide Paint - Fact Sheet

What is Bug-Juice White Latex Insecticide Paint?

Bug-Juice is an insecticide paint that comes premixed in paint and ready to use (R.T.U.)

How does Bug-Juice paint work?

Bug-Juice White Latex Insecticide Paint kills crawling & flying insects that land on the banded portion of the tree.

What types of bugs does it kill?

It eliminates crawling and flying insects such as pecan and citrus weevil, imported and southern fire ants, leafcutter ants, aphid, and silverfish.

How do I apply it?

Apply Bug-Juice paint to tree trunk with a two-foot band between ground level and six-feet during dormant or quiescent period using an airless sprayer. For larger jobs contact W2E about the Magnus spraying system.

Can I apply it to my fruit and nut trees?

Yes. Bug-Juice works well on citrus and pecan trees. Please call with additional questions.

Is it dangerous?

Bug-Juice White Latex Insecticide Paint is NOT a carcinogen; therefore it can be applied where other insecticide products can not. As with any pesticide, be sure to read the entire label prior to using.

What sizes are available?

The ready-to-use Bug-Juice paint is shipped in five-gallon pails. Each pail can treat as many as 125 trees.

Application Equipment:

Walla Walla Environmental has developed and perfected the forklift assisted wrapping multi-nozzle insecticide spray accessory. The application method (which has been presented to USEPA as part of registration 47332-RR) for bug-juice insecticide resulted in our "skirted" robot spraying system. "Magnus" (the Great One) is available in 3 sizes for various applications up to 48" in diameter.

Also Available:

  • PTO and Rack Mounted Power Sprayers hook right up.
  • Hose, Nozzle and Skirting refills.
  • Pressure sensitive wheel mount replacement kit.
  • Serviced by 30 and 55 Gallon Drums
  • Dispense Insect Barrier
  • Tree and Crop Protection
  • 12" Application
  • 24" Application
  • 48" Application
  • Online or Factory Direct Ordering
  • Factory Trained Support
  • Special Application Certification Available

Band your pecan and citrus trees & STOP WEEVIL and ANTS DEAD in their tracks!