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Technical Data Sheet

Electric Valve Free Flowing Water Reducer

Eliminates Free Flowing Water

The Electric Valve is an excellent tool for corrugated facilities that want to eliminate free flowing water. When installed with the Water Meter, it allows the facility to predetermine how long water is allowed to run through the line.

Performance & Benefits

  • Automatically shuts off once timer has run for the preset number of minutes.
  • Can be operated with a 24-volt or 120 volt.
  • All brass electric valve.
  • 3/4", 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch line.
  • Handles temperatures up to 150 F.
  • Includes an all brass electric valve and timer.
  • Multiple settings: 1 minute increments. Uses

    Operator turns the spring loaded knob to the right and the unit automatically begins dispensing water for a predetermined amount of time.