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Atlanta Home Improvement Bye Bye Bugs ". . . designed to kill flying and crawling insects. This odorless additive does not change the color or finish of paint . . ."

Atlanta Home Improvement

American Painting Contractor Pest Control - ". . . When mixed according to directions, the treated paint kills cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and other insects . . . can be applied to commercial buildings, apartments, houses, warehouses and more . . . lasts the life of the coating."

American Painting Contractor

Artictecture West "Bug-Juice can be used in apartment buildings, houses, schools, cafeterias and warehouses."

Artictecture West

Building Design+Construction "Insect Control Solution is Off the Wall!"

Building Design+Construction

Cascade Horseman Magazine "Bug-Juice minimizes airborne pollutants related to pesticide sprays . . . saves $1000s by reducing costly pest control applications . . ."

Cascade Horseman Magazine

Country’s Best Log Homes "Bug-Juice treated paint kills insects that can invade and scar the finish of a log home."

Country's Best Log Homes

Deli Business "first and only product of its kind to receive an EPA registration . . ."

Deli Business

Frame Building News "Bug-Juice is the only product of its kind to receive an EPA registration for both interior and exterior applications."

Frame Building News

Government Product News Magazine "Bug-Juice can be applied to baseboards, floor drains and garbage chutes in apartment buildings, houses, kitchens, offices and warehouses . . ."

Government Product News Magazine

Indian Gaming Magazine "Bug-Juice lasts the life of the coating, thereby saving casinos thousands of dollars in pest control management."

Indian Gaming Magazine

Journal of Light Construction "Log home builder adds Bug-Juice to all his deck stains and exterior coating to prevent insects from destroying his clients' homes."

Journal of Light Construction

Lodging Hospitality "Walla Walla Environmental's Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive . . . minimizes airborne pollutants related to pesticide sprays . . ."

Lodging Hospitality

Long-Term Living "W2E has manufactured a new paint additive - Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive - that controls insects in hospitals, medical buildings, etc.."

Long-Term Living

Paint Dealer Magazine "Bug-Juice lasts the life of the coating and is odorless - the only smell is fresh paint."

Paint Dealer Magazine

PWC Painting & Wallcovering Contractor Beating the Bugs ". . . Bug-Juice is EPA registered for use in both interior and exterior applications. The odorless product can be added to any oil-based or latex-based paint, stain or sealant without affecting the color or drying time . . ."

PWC Painting & Wallcovering Contractor

PWC Painting & Wallcovering Contractor Powering Up Paint - ". . . Bug-Juice kills cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, silverfish and other crawling or flying insects with out affecting the paint's color or drying time . . ."

PWC Painting & Wallcovering Contractor

Pet Age Magazaine "The EPA registered easy-to-use product (Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive) can be added to any oil or latex based paint, stain or sealer."

Pet Age Magazaine

Qualified Remodeler ". . . kills several kinds of insects, lasts the life of the coating and is odorless."

Qualified Remodeler

Qualified Remodeler Remodelers' Choice - "Many homeowners choose to spray their homes to get rid of the pests, but W2E has come up with a different solution for an old problem with an insecticide paint additive - Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive."

Qualified Remodeler

Qualified Remodeler "Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive was chosen #1 of The Remodelers' Choice Top 100 Products for 2008."

Qualified Remodeler

Southern Hospitality Magazine No hotel wants the call, "There are bugs in my room!" Finally, there's a safe and easy solution - Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive."

Southern Hospitality Magazine

TFM Today’s Facility Manager Product of the Month - "Bug-Juice doe not repel insects; it is a contact pesticide that begins working after insects make contact with the treated surface."

TFM Today's Facility Manager

On the Web

CM Cleaning & Maintenance Management ". . . first and only product of its kind to receive EPA registration for both interior and exterior applications . . ."

CM Cleaning & Maintenance Management

The Product Guy ( "Bug-Juice is odorless. The only smell is fresh paint!"

The Product Guy (

ISS Inside Self-Storage "W2E has released a new economical solution to unwanted pests at self-storage facilities: Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive, a contact pesticide."

ISS Inside Self-Storage

Living the Country Life ". . . lethal to bugs, but not humans . . . use on any interior or exterior surface to control insects. . ." Click here to listen to the interview.

Living the Country Life
-(Radio Interview Editor, Betsy Freese with Cass)

PNRC News Hackensack NJ Housing Authority specifies Bug-Juice in all their paint contracts. "The results have been amazing!"


NAHRO e-Procurement News "Innovation Central - Bug-Juice!"

NAHRO e-Procurement News

Worship NEWS BYTE "Bug-Juice offers new approach to insect control."