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Manhole Treatment Paint - Fact Sheet

What is Bug Juice White Latex Insecticide Paint? Bug Juice is an insecticide paint that comes premixed in paint and ready to use (R.T.U.)

What does Bug Juice paint do? Bug Juice White Latex Insecticide Paint kills crawling and flying insects by contact.

What types of bugs does it kill? It eliminates crawling and flying insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, silverfish and other pests.

How do I apply it? Using a special wand and nozzle, apply Bug Juice paint with a gas powered sprayer approved for latex paint.

Where can it be applied? Bug Juice Paint can be applied to sewer manholes, storm drains, electrical vaults, water meter vaults, and underground utility access sites.

How many manholes can be treated in one day using this paint? Typically, it will take the average experienced applicator about 1-2 minutes per manhole.

How long does it last? Field tests suggest manhole applications may last up to two years. The actual period of effectiveness depends on climate and the quality of the application.

Is it dangerous? This product is NOT a carcinogen; therefore it can be applied where other insecticide products can not.

What sizes are available? The ready-to-use Bug Juice paint is shipped in five-gallon pails.

Is there any training required? Yes, Walla Walla Environmental offers a two-day training course or web-based training to certify employees a Bug Juice Applicators.

What does the certification include? Program overview, purpose of program, practical applications and testing evaluation.

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