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Insect Control Studies

Over two decades ago (1982), Walla Walla Environmental registered the first ever insecticide paint additive. This paint additive, CPF (USEPA #47332-1) was a Chloropyrifos-based insecticide. Then in 1988, the second generation insecticide paint additive was registered. This Diazinon-based insecticide, which was registered under the name CPF 2D (USEPA 47332-4) stayed on the market through 2000. These organophosphate-based insecticides were used for this type of application for nearly two decades. However, in 2000 the USEPA removed Diazinon as an insecticide paint additive.

Realizing the direction the USEPA was heading, Walla Walla Environmental began studies in 1988 for a new replacement insecticide paint additive that also included an interior application. This culminated in the registration of Bug-Juice Insecticide Paint Additive (USEPA 47332-11), which is a synthetic pyrethroid. This new product offered the consumer what they were looking for... an insecticide paint additive that can be used on most interior surfaces and all exterior surfaces.

The following is a brief summation of studies used to ascertain the efficacy of this insecticide when formulated with latex paints after application.

Each study protocol called for one control and five replicates. One replicate used 15 nymphs, all others had a minimum of 10 participants in each replicated and the control. All standards were untreated paints, and all except one used paint treated at the rate of .05% active ingredient.

Insect Type
With Insecticide
(American and German)
361 participants 100% Mortality
(Leafcutting, Imported Fire, Southern Fire and P)
1636 participants 100% Mortality
(Compsus Auricephalus and Epicaerus Mexicanus)
132 participants 100% Mortality
Mosquitoes 61 participants 100% Mortality
Silverfish 120 participants 100% Mortality

RESULTS: 100% mortality after 24-48-hours. The treated surfaces should provide excellent vector control.

**The date presented herein is believed to be correct, but may well be incomplete.