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Walla Walla Home Improvement

Paint Additives

Are you planning to do some painting? If so, Walla Walla Environmental's paint additive product line can rid your home of most crawling and flying insects, protect it from mold and mildew, and inhibit flame spread. To learn more about our home improvement line of paint additives, please review the information to the right, or call Walla Walla Environmental, 800-247-9011.

  • Bug-Juice - Insecticide Paint Additive
  • Bug Juice is the first ever EPA registered insecticide paint additive designed for interior and exterior use.

  • Stay-Clean I/E - Mildewcide Paint Additive
  • Stay-Clean I/E is a mildewcide paint additive designed for use indoors and outdoors. It can be added to oil or latex coatings as well as wallpaper adhesive.

  • Flame Guard - Fire Retardant Paint Additive
  • Flame Guard is a granular additive that can be added to any flat latex paint. It gives a Class A rating.

  • Odor-X Paint Additive
  • Odor-X a specialized formula that blends with paint to wipe out unpleasant order produced by most paints.