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Flame Guard - Fire Retardant Paint Additive - Fact Sheet

Flame Guard
What is Flame Guard?

Flame Guard is a granular additive designed to give paint a Class "B" fire retardant rating.

What if I need a Class "A" Additive?

Simple, just double the dose and it becomes a Class A fire retardant additive.

What types of paint can Flame Guard be added to?

Flame Guard can only be added to a flat latex coating. Otherwise, it will gel the coating.

Can I tint the paint once Flame Guard has been added?

Yes, the paint is fully tint-able with Flame Guard.

What testing data is there to support the claims?

Testing data employed for measuring the flame spread rate was: ASTM D 3806-79 that corresponds with ASTM E-84. It assumes Class "A" specification when used as directed.

Is Flame Guard intumescent?

No, Flame Guard does not foam. It suffocates the substrate from the flame - therefore, if there is no oxygen for the flame, there is no fire.

Where should I use Flame Guard?

Flame Guard should be used on interior surfaces wherever you wish to "slow" the spread of the flame.

What has it been approved for?

Use Flame Guard treated paint in schools, hospitals, nursing homes, private dwellings, and day care facilities, or wherever you wish to have added protection.