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  • Electric Valve
    The Electric Valve allows facilities to predetermine how long water is allowed to run through a 1/2" or 3/4" line and automatically shuts itself off. It is ideally designed to accompany the Water Meter.

  • Water Meter
    A multi-jet meter than can accurately measure the amount of water up to temperatures of 150 F. Is a necessary tool for corrugated facilities needing to reduce the amount of water produced by the finishing and/or corrugated sides of the plant

  • Feed Rate Pump
    An excellent addition to facilitie s wanting to make their chemical additions automatic. It can be used in-line or as part of a high sheer set up.

  • Water Saver Nozzle
    Specially modified Venturi nozzle with a brass nozzle combines maximum water pressure with minimum water usage and delivers about three gallons of water per minute.

  • Filter Cloths
    - custom made to fit and match your current system.

  • Filter Plates
    - custom made to fit and match your current system.