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Products for the Corrugated Industry

Walla Walla Environmental provides solutions to the corrugated industry. If you need to treat your process water and/or reuse it, click on Waste Treatment Chemicals on the right for more information.

Our emphasis is on treating waste water to meet EPA, facility standards, and local POTW in various industries. W2E is customer driven working side-by-side with you to navigate the current regulatory and environmental issues.

If you need products to keep your adhesive free from bacterial contamination, please go to Biocides, Cleaners & Additive "Fixes" on the right to find a full line of products to address your needs including biocides (both quick kill and long-term), cleaners to rid your system of adhesive build-up, calcium scale, and/or bacterial contamination. Adhesive "fixes" include a defoamer, calcium inhibitor, and odor reducing products.