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Company History

Walla Walla Environmental (W2E) was founded by Roger & Cheryl Corn in 1982 when the Company introduced the very first exterior use insecticide paint additive, CPF. The Corn's had a vision - to invent innovative and helpful products for the home improvement market. As their knowledge and presence in the DIY market grew, so did the product line.

Today, W2E has 14 U.S. E.P.A. registrations! The last registrations, #13 and #14, are for Bug Juice Insecticide Paint Additive, and Bug Juice Insecticide Coating -- the first-ever "interior and exterior" insecticide paint additive and insecticide coating registered by the United States EPA.

Although the Company's initial focus was the home improvement market, W2E began searching for a compatible expansion market that would capitalize on its expertise of mold, bacteria, and fungus, and off-set the seasonal aspects of the painting season.

In 1991, the Company introduced a new line of products to the corrugated industry. W2E is now the nations leading expert in the corrugated industry for Zero Discharge technology. And it offers a full line of products to treat process water generated by the box plants, along with continuing to address potential bacterial contamination in the starch adhesive with biocides, cleaners, and other additive "fixes".