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Water Solutions for Corrugated Packaging

Process water discharge limits for corrugated box plants are continuing to be dialed down, so the need to properly treat corrugated process water for discharge or reuse has become paramount. With over 30 combined years of experience in water treatment, reuse and conservation efforts, W2E is the right partner for you. We are the most experienced supplier to the corrugated industry and we can equip you with the necessary equipment, supplies, and services to help you meet or exceed your discharge parameters. When your facility needs to use treated process water for starch adhesive, or you must ensure municipal compliance for discharge, W2E has the right solution.

CORR-TREAT 328 Automatic Batch Treatment System

The Corr-Treat 328 system is designed for facilities that need to treat from 300 to 8,000 gallons of process water per batch. The Corr-Treat 328 is ideally suited for today’s packaging facility with various process water issues. During the production day, process water is collected in a holding tank (EQ Tank). When sufficient water volume is available, it is transferred to the Treatment Tank for batch processing. This begins the treatment cycle where water and solids separate. Here, the appropriate amounts of coagulant, pH adjustment (when needed) and flocculant are added in controlled steps by an Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controller. Solids fall out of suspension in the water and await the pressing operation. The treated water is then pumped to the filter press for dewatering of the separated solids. All operations are automatically managed by the PLC.

Corr-Treat 328 features:
  • Scalable (standard)—built-in filter press expansion capability allows for treatment growth as your production capacity grows
  • Fully automated (standard)—minimal operator input, less labor
  • Step Advance (standard)—restart treatment if stopped for any reason
  • Clean-In-Place (standard)—optimizes press performance by automatically cleaning the filter press, economically
  • Driest cake—typically 35% to 40% solids; reduces disposal cost, makes press cleaning easier

    APB Automated pH and Bacterial Contol Unit


    The APB Control Unit is a cost-effective solution for packaging plants needing to condition their treated or untreated process water for reuse. The APB control unit automatically sanitizes and conditions a batch of process water for use in starch making systems. Our unique system uses various sensors controlled by an Allen-Bradley micro PLC to provide your starch adhesive mixer with consistent make-up water for every batch. The APB Control Unit adjusts pH, sanitizes for bacteria, and introduces a preservative biocide to protect your adhesive from microbial infestation. Water hardness reduction and water temperature adjustment are available options.